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How long have you been taking photos?
     For as long as I can remember I've always been interested in photography and art in general.  I would consider my professional career to have began in 2005 when I started photographing weddings, and I really focused on this career when I graduated from Emily Carr University in 2006.

Why do you charge so much less than most photographers?
     I believe in offering affordable, quality photography that everyone can afford!  You may be able to find a sitting fee simliar to my rate but this will never include ALL of the images on a disk... I want to give you the freedom to print as many photos you like instead of making you come back to me for each one.

Why do you charge more for weddings than portrait sessions?
     There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into a wedding that regular shoots do not need.  The editing is also much more intense... for exanple each member of an 8 person bridal party would be retouched versus a family of 4.  In addition, I edit 10 of approximately 100 photos from a 1 hour portrait shoot.  A 5 hour wedding I will usually take around 1,200 photos and retouch each one.

How much do I have to pay to get the photos on a flash drive?
     NOTHING! They are included in the price of each package.  They are all full size with no watermarks so you can print as many and whatever sizes you require.

Do the photos contain a watermark?
     NO.  Each photo is the full size (10MB) with no watermark.  In the portrait sessions 10 will be edited, but I offer package discounts depending on the shoot and photos required.  Wedding packages all of the photos will be retouched in some way and included on the dvd.

What type of camera do you shoot with?
     I use a Nikon Camera with an 18-200 lens.  I choose this setup so I am able to take up close and personal shots as well as landscape photos without having to fuss with changing lenses.  I carry two camera bodies in the unlikely event my camera breaks I will always have a backup on hand.  In addition, during weddings I switch memory cards half way through the ceremony so if something ever were to happen to the SD card I would not loose all of the images from your special day.  To date, I have never had a problem but will continue to use this fail-safe.

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